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Enqbate .com is a blog created by Joe Flynn, startup founder and 12 year veteran of Workforce Development in the Silicon Valley

The content is for anyone that is an entrepreneur or has an entrepreneurial spirit but just needs a little guidance or tactical advice to get started.


Department Roles and Responsibilities
We have conveniently grouped all the content into six general areas.

Sales, Marketing, Product Development, Finance, Business Building and CEO Development / Leadership.

  • Sales

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  • Marketing

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  • Product Development

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  • Finance

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  • Operations

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  • CEO Leadership

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Sales Related Content:

Sales – Pricing – Packaging – Team Building – Sales Strategies – Travel – Modeling


Marketing Related Content:

Blogging – Branding – Positioning – Marketing Team Strategies – Product Management – Product Marketing – SEO

Product Development

Product Development Related Content:

Product Mangement – Big Data – SaaS – Security – Engineering – Agile – Scrum – Offshore Teams – Development – Mobile


Finance  Related Content:

Accounting – Legal – Incorporation – Insurance – Dashboards – SaaS modeling – Busines Metrics -Raising Capital – Banking

Business Building

Business Building Related Content:

Customer Service – Insurance – Legal – Office Space – Equipment – Travel – Contractors – Systems

CEO - Leadership

CEO – Leadership Related Content:

Team Building – Mentoring – Raising Capital – Advisors – Leadership – Recommended Reading – Strategy – Partners


  • Accounting

    All Things Accounting: Understanding Balance Sheets, P&L, Accrual Accounting Etc. Understanding Balance Sheets, P&L, Accrual Accounting Etc.

  • Data

    All Things Data: Big Data, Security, Load Testing, Analytics, SaaS Requirements, Certifications, Hosting, Systems Architecture & More…

  • Software as a Service

    All Things SaaS: Understanding the Basics of SaaS, SaaS Metrics, SaaS Security, SaaS Modeling, Online Resources, Advantages / Disadvantages & More…

  • Insurance

    All Things Insurance: Liability, Key Man, Healthcare, Indemnification, Errors and Omissions, Directors and Officers, Riders more…

  • Raising Capital

    All Things Raising Capital: Venture Capital, Creating a Pitch Deck, Banking Strategies, Angel Investors, Supply Chain FinancingLiability, & More…

  • Legal

    All Things Legal: Incorporation, Contractors, Riders, Terms and Conditions, Supplier Agreements, Statements of Work & More…

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