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More Common Leadership Techniques

Leadership techniques can be found in Countless sermons, articles and books. Many writers have written about the envious and elusive quality called leadership. It seems that everyone wants to be “the leader.” Though many don’t know what it is, or how to become one. Some think it is natural. With it, organizations, teams and businesses succeed. Without it, they fail.

The following are a few leadership techniques that a startup leader must do to succeed and take his business to the next level.

More Leadership Techniques

Identify your best performers

Supposing you have access to a pool of 10 developers and you need to identify the best employees to commence work on a technical task. If you cannot identify the right people for your jobs, you will face problems later on with compromised deadlines, substandard or unfinished work. As a leader in a startup business, you must be able to apply POC (Proof Of Concept) strategies in finding out the best employees that are suited for a particular task.

This leadership technique can be done by assigning a trial task to your entire employee so that you can assess their strengths and weaknesses. Ensure that you take note of every individual and be able to identify the capabilities of each employee. Usually, this process takes about 1 hour to 24hrs depending on the nature of the given task.

Provide a clear Vision

Communicate your vision for the future and support a clear system of objectives and goals. People need clarity and a path to success. Communication is both a skill and a strategic leadership technique that should be used to rally the troops on a regular basis.

Praise publicly

Always acknowledge and reward an employee that do not hesitate in doing the right thing. Recognizing and saying kind words to employees (especially in the presence of other team members) will eventually make them repeat their best performance so as to earn a confidence from their boss. This is a simple and effective leadership technique and a way to motivate your employees to greater levels.

Criticize privately

On the contrary to the above point, if a situation calls for some harsh words, then always make sure this happens behind closed door between you and the person involved. Also, be careful not to infringe someone’s sense of self-respect, and at the same time, you need to remind the person the importance of doing the right thing.

Also, if you have any harsh words for your employees make sure to deliver them with respect, clearly, and concisely with compassion and empathy.

Honesty – the bridge between leader and employee

A startup leader who is aspiring to be successful will react to issue in an honest manner. Honest leaders easily build confidence and trust. Hence, employees are more apt to ask questions, work harder, accept positive or negative criticism and also give respect to leaders they trust and believe. Honesty is a key leadership technique and personal characteristic of any business leader

Be fair and clever when sacking is needed

If you have recruited the right people for a particular job, you will never be faced with this challenge. Occasionally, you will be called upon to do the inevitable. However, before firing an employee, ensure that other team members are aware of his shortcoming and failing to meet the minimum requirements of the job after given several chances to improve. Firing an underperforming employee needs to be done in a peaceful and fair manner – it should not be too obvious.

Ensure that you are transparent in such matters, this will sustain the trust and loyalty of remaining team members.

By inspiring your employee to greatness, you become a person worthy of emulation. Investors will want to back you, employees will want to work for you, and customers will want to do business with you. It all starts with the leader.

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