Traits of a Great Business Leader

Traits of a Great Business Leader

Traits of a Great Business Leader. The renowned leadership expert John C. Maxwell put it across that, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” It does not matter whether you sit in a golden chair and hold absolute volition over twenty thousand paychecks, or you are a business start-up, retailer, or into network marketing. No matter what conditions and policies hold sway in your company, the sheer difference between success and failure hinge on that single word: Leadership. Failure in leadership translates to demotivated staffs, disappointed stakeholders, and overall business downturn.  I think this is why so much focus is placed on identifying the primary traits of a Great Business Leader.

You can call them any names you want: rebels, renegades, trail-blazers, heroes, black sheep, risk taker— You might be right, and you are entitled to that. The most important thing is that they are very successful and boast of certain qualities that give them a leadership identity. Some of those qualities are very fundamental and crucial to success. You can study them to develop yourself and grow your business to a whole new height if you want to leave an imprint as a great business leader in your unique way. Traits of a Great Business Leader:


I love the way Author and Entrepreneur Arnold Glasow puts it: “A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit.” How significant and fundamental this is, the ability to accept responsibility for the good and bad, successes and failures, achievements and disappointment. It means having the emotional maturity to take accountability when things go wrong and awry. On glory days, an experienced leader does not take the glory but instead credit it to the team and give them proper recognition. A self-confident entrepreneur shares the limelight and accolades with others who contributed to the final product or service, rather than exalting self.

Independent Minded

Great leaders first become the leader they want to follow. They go first and show the way so that they would not have to shout before they have people follow them and they do not ask anything of their teams that they are not willing to practice first. It is only natural that team members develop an added layer of resilience, vigor, absolute commitment, can-do attitude, and effectiveness if those are conspicuous and teeming in the leader’s life. That is so natural. Great leaders strive to be an inspiration and in correspondence end up building an assortment of fired-up team members that are ready to spill some blood of effort for the company.


One sure thing about the traits of a great business leader is the calm and assured self-confidence that oozes around them. I am not talking about a type that you’ll thump your chest thrice, flails your hands in the air, and talked about how gifted or better you are to whoever cares to listen. It must be very strong but shown in a spirit of respect and deep humility. Great business leaders have self-confidence, built upon years of learning, trial and error, and failing, but it never halted their growth. A great leader is aware of his personal strength and limitations, skills and talents and always he/she can get out of any negative situation.

Getting Involved

Want to be a great leader? Then don’t ever try it to sit in your chair and not get involved! That is not great and won’t make you a great leader to your team either. Great leaders get out of the office and move around the department or building and interact with other employees. It is a great way they to fire-up even the one that feels he/she is of little importance to the establishment. Meet them, chat with them informally and glean information on what they have been doing. Employees feel great when a leader strive to learn about their work challenges and lives. The ability to connect with all of the members of the team is one of the most important traits of a great business leader and is often overlooked in today’s high-tech engineer-dominated world.

A Belief In the Future

It is very simple as it’s often said: Leaders make things happen while others watch as things happen. They have a strong mindset of indomitability and absolute possibility. They believe there is nothing that can’t be done and whatever they agree in their minds to do is possible even in the face of many debacles. Steve Jobs wanted a phone with a single button irrespective of what has been and out in the market. In few short years, the single-buttoned phones (smartphones) have become as popular as soccer.


There is this thing about great business leader that actually makes one wonder if they had more than 24 hours in a day. However, the truth is that they are so effectively conscious that they have built a strong, subconscious “Urgency Trigger” within themselves. Every second wasted will never come back. Even in relaxation, in catching fun, and in the midst of business endeavors, they never lack that sense of urgency. You may not have tomorrow, like a Martin Luther King Jr said, “you have today, so take necessary actions and do all you can to improve your life and your business.” That is what differentiates an average leader from a great one, the sense of urgency to do everything we can in this one day!

Traits of a Great Business Leader

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