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Creating The Company Tagline

Creating The Company Tagline

The company tagline is a major component of the marketing and branding program. The competition is quite tough as there are so many options available for the customers. The company tagline for the product chain helps to establish the brand image and grab the buyers’ attention quickly. The brand owners need to take extreme care while conceptualizing the main slogan or the company tagline to ensure it carries a powerful message possibly the advantages the product can bestow to the users.

Now the question is how to create a compelling company tagline for raising your reputation. Are there any rules to follow while accomplishing this task? While struggling to construct a good catchy company tagline, here are five essential factors of consideration that can ease the task.

5 Rules to Consider when Creating The Company Tagline

Presenting Tagline like a Concise Message

The longer the tagline, the more confusing the words can make it for the customers. Nobody wants to read a long product description on the banners, hoardings, and other promotional materials. Consider the tagline ‘Connecting People’ of world-class mobile brand Nokia. It is one of the shortest and concise taglines describing what the products can offer to the customers. Ideally, the company tagline should contain no more than seven words and contain the core essence of what your company stands for.

Mention Utility and Benefit

Instead of making the company tagline look salesy with exaggerated claims, it is worthy to express the usefulness and the good it can really be to the consumers. Some expressions like ‘the product can save time or make it convenient for the buyers’ can be highly acceptable. The inclusion of benefits in the tagline can trigger thoughtfulness for more willingness to purchase the product.

Tagline should be Meaningful and Easy to Understand

Using “tough” vocabulary can generate negative impact in the market. The customers need to understand the message in the company tagline and draw the specific meaning. The marketers, therefore, need to choose the words very carefully and maintain the right sequence so that it is both meaningful, simple and straightforward.

Conceptualize Highly Focused Brand Slogan

While paying key attention to the other rules, the marketers need to concentrate on the product line of the company. The tagline should be centered on the brand, its nature and associated factors. The explanation needs to be entirely oriented to the present an idea about the goods and services of the company.

Make Your Tagline Interesting and Appealing

The high quality preferred goods and services that find their place in our daily life are very close to the heart. Customers develop an emotional attachment to branded products. The tagline of any new or existing brand, therefore, needs to be of great importance to establish an emotional bonding. If the brand slogan is capable of delivering an expression of emotion, it is more appealing to the buyers.

Summing It Up,

The company tagline for any organization needs to carry a short, clear, concise message for the customers mostly to influence their purchasing decision. Following the rules mentioned above while developing a unique and focused company tagline can help the marketing professionals to spread the precise brief message for promoting their product line. The approach of the tagline should be pleasant, exciting, brand oriented and above all meaningful appealing on the right note to the target audiences.

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