Writing a Compelling Blog

Writing a Compelling Blog

Writing a Compelling Blog post is an important part of starting a business these days.

If you are going to create content, make sure you follow a couple of rules to writing a compelling blog. To be a blogger you will need to create and publish content that is relevant and current with your topic. Without the right content, a blog or a website may never be able to reach the amount of traffic that you need. There are several things that bloggers can do to ensure that articles and blog entries are the best they can be to attract new and repeat traffic and readers.

Here are Some Tips for Writing a Compelling Blog.

  • Start the article with the key message that you are looking to convey to the audience. This is relevant both to the reader as well as the search engines. When promoting a product or particular niche, be sure to mention that at the beginning of the blog post to get the reader interested in the subject.
  • Keep your messaging short and succinct. Blog entries are usually not as long in length than regular items, so anywhere from 200-400 words is acceptable. If you are writing, articles or instruction manuals try to keep each post under 700 words. If you have too long of an article, do not be afraid to cut it into multiple posts.
  • It is crucial to provide real information on your blog the more unique the better. Each article or post must be accurate and on point. Adding interesting examples related to the topic or niche is also a great way to break into the most interesting to the reader blog and also to win the trust of the reader, which would be more likely to buy what you are promoting or selling. When readers can refer to a subject in a positive way to remember your blog as a place to get accurate information.
  • Try to have references to reports or surveys or quotes from subject matter experts.
  • Including links to other online sites is very important within your blog content. By placing outbound links to other blogs and related websites, you are providing links to others who will likely do the same for you and increase your web traffic and rank simultaneously.
  • Format your post so that your content is accessible for the reader and skim through. Try to make your main points available to scan quickly. Adding captions also makes the content easy on the eye and is more likely to blog visitors will stay and read the whole message.
  • The golden rule when writing blog entries: Ask yourself “Would I forward this message to a friend if it was sent to me? If the answer is Yes. Then you are on the right track

Ok, those were the writing tips now let’s look at some critical components for writing a compelling blog.

1. Bulleted Lists

Blog readers are scanning your content make it easy to digest. Take a look at how the material looks graphically online. Clear, concise, bullets allow you to scan items and pick out key points that stand out.

Also, keep the bullets brief and make sure not to suffocate your readers.Keep them engaged. Make the content ‘short and sweet’, to the point, and powerful. Say much with little text!

2. Credible Content

Today’s consumer is educated and armed with a lot of research! If you plan on attracting readers to your site to help your new company, it is essential that you highlight blog topics that promote your ideas.

You must use evidence of strong support to prove their claims. The most credible in the world .gov websites are websites. These sites are full of statistical data doctoral full-time who spend their lives carrying out studies on all kinds of subjects.

Here’s a great tool to do the following:  Go to the advanced search function on the homepage of their search engines, ‘and put the government websites only. If you are having trouble finding this option? Just write “Finding only government websites” in your browser. This should help!

3. Word Count and Focus

I’m not saying write short messages, and I’m certainly not telling you to write long articles! Before you dive into writing a compelling blog, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who is my demographic?
  • What is the attention span of the demographic?
  • Will the core demographic scan the content or read it carefully?
  • Am I starting with one key topic to write on? Do not drift.
  • Can I shorten my points into bullets, so it is easier to consume?
  • Did I remember to include some Search Engine Optimization?
  • Did I remember to focus on keywords?
  • Did I focus the content on my readers? (The answer should be Yes)

You should use your voice and let your personality shine through. Your readers should experience their interest in the subject and understand that you know what you’re talking about. You can write great content if you take the time to do some research and then write easy-to-read blog posts that people enjoy. Writing a Compelling Blog is not difficult, however, the writer has to be willing to take the time to do things right and make a great blog.

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